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Red Coral Rising Jr.
Red Coral Rising Jr.
Red Coral Rising Jr.

Red Coral Rising Jr.

Navajo Traditional Teachings
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Large chunks of red coral surrounded by silver, howlite turquoise and yellow glass... 

"When we wear turquoise the Holy People see and say, 'there is one of our children who knows where they came from'"

This beauty is the perfect balance between subtle and showing off. 

Navajo way, this necklace says you're somebody important. 


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Meet Rena, Bead Artist

Rena is 84 years old. She strings these Necklaces.

In this necklace Rena used glass yellow beads, Stabilized Turquoise, Sterling Silver beads and large coral chunks. 

Turquoise was given to our Diné by the Holy People to remind us where we come from. 

When they see us wearing Turquoise they say "There is one of our children who knows where they come from".  

Turquoise also protects us when we wonder outside of the sacred mountains. 

We are always looking for more Rena Originals but, grab some while you can. We never know when supplies will run out.  

Products That Tell a Story. 

All of our products tell a story. These products are made to encourage people to share more about themselves. We give a starting place, or we add to what is already there. Encouraging people to pass on their knowledge the traditional way. With heart, meaning, and symbolism. 

Why Our Diné Wear Silver and Turquoise

Turquoise tells the Holy People You Know Where You Came From



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