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Cedar Beads

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Cedar Bead Necklace (Ghost Beads)

Assorted Color Cedar Bead Necklace

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Rena C. Whitehorse

Rena is 84 years old. She strings these Cedar Bead Necklaces.

Sometimes Rena uses colored beads. But you can see from our supply that Rena prefers the more traditional look, leaving the necklace plain cedar beads.  

Our Diné use these beads in the "Enemy Way" Ceremony.

Traditionally our Diné say Juniper beads provide protection against evil.

Also Called "Ghost Beads" or "Juniper Berry" these necklaces are a staple of Our Diné. 

We are always looking for more beads but, grab some while you can. We never know when supplies will run out.  

"Cedar Beads - Ghost Beads - Juniper Berry"

"Ghost Beads", used in ceremonial settings...
Are said to have the ability to ward off evil.

What people are saying

Love my beads! So Excited to wear them!


Thank you! I feel so blessed! Love the protection and the history.


I just bought three for the ladies in my family.