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Ever Been interested in DNA results?

If you have ever been curious about your DNA... a test is easy to take.

When I took my test they sent me a kit and instructions. It was a long time ago but I remember I had to spit in a vile then send it back. And within a few weeks I had my results.

I don't understand all there is to know but the profile changes as more and more data comes in.

Ancestry, the company I took my test through, gives updated results about DNA... as more and more people take the test.

This gives me more precise results when I look at it. But, my native relatives aren't taking DNA tests as often as my Anglo relatives. So I have more precise data on my anglo side than on my native side.

And of course some of you may not want to know your DNA results. Sometimes I worry I will find out about long lost uncles and aunts.

And there is always the possibility of learning you don't have the ancestry you thought you did. That can be heartbreaking. It is sad when people who were told stories as children about their ancestors. Find out those stories aren't reflected in their DNA.

The good news... DNA can't tell you more than blood. And as a Navajo with adopted family I can tell you... some people grow up the Navajo way without Navajo blood.

My dad (Wally) always talks about how our Diné would adopt people in the past. "They would become Diné".

So yes, DNA results don't tell how a person grew up... they only tell what was in their blood.

You can see my results in the picture. It seems there are two major strains of Native American DNA. North American and Central America.

The bulk of it being from the North American Side of things. I am not too educated about how they determine it all but it is interesting that the stories say... our people came from the east.

The DNA shows a strong connection with the Southeastern U.S. There is a tribe in the Southeastern U.S. that has a strong connection to our Diné.

Also interesting is that my DNA only seems to go down so far to the south.

Well, you see there is a lot to learn.

If you are thinking about a DNA test I recommend Ancestry.

1.) because that is who I did my test years ago.

2.) Disclaimer they do give Navajo Traditional Teachings a Percentage of any sales we send their way.

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