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How To Cancel Your Warrior Producer Membership

To cancel your Warrior Producer Membership, simply send us an email to . Please include in this email your contact information listed on the account and what you would like to have happen to the account. We would also appreciate you including why you are making this change to your account so we can continue to improve and offer the best of what our patrons would like to see from us.

We will be very sad to see you go if you do decide to cancel, but we understand when circumstances change. We hope you can stay with us for a very long time and be involved in our efforts to save Navajo culture.  


Preventing Automatic Renewal
All memberships renew automatically unless they're canceled. If you cancel during the guarantee period, your membership will end immediately and will not renew. If you cancel outside of the guarantee period, your membership will end at the end of your current period and will not renew.

Billed After Canceling
If you've been billed for a membership after canceling your membership, you likely have a duplicate account. Please contact us at so we can find the other account for you.

Check out our refund policy