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What is a supporter?

A supporter helps us make videos by subscribing and investing in a private group. The investment… $4.99 a month billed monthly cancel anytime. The supporter program is run by Facebook. Some of the money comes to us and allows us to make videos and gather information.

Wally is our historian, but the traditional way requires a consensus among 2 or more elders. We travel around the Navajo Nation and discuss these matters with other elders so we can stay true to the tradition of 2 or more elders.

In the traditional way we always bring gifts to the elders in exchange for their teachings. Gifts like food, herbs, or money. We never ask for something for free but always give.

Support from supporters is what makes this possible.

Many times as we visit these elders they know what we are trying to do. They have seen our videos… either their children or grandchildren have shown them. These elders are happy to share and seem to sense the culture is running out of time and more and more people are not learning it.

Supporters get:

Access to our private group, where they get weekly exclusive content.

They get a discount code to our store good for 30% off any product that can be used as much as they want.

They get a shout out every week when we upload our free videos.

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