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Pow Wow Dangles
Pow Wow Dangles
Pow Wow Dangles
Pow Wow Dangles

Pow Wow Dangles

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"... I love Turquoise. Something about it intrigues me greatly and makes me feel very peaceful. Thank you for shining Light on Mother Earth." -Beryl P.



Flashy Dangles made with Brightly Colored Glass Beads. 

Hang Approximately 3.5"

Shirley Originals

Authentic Turquoise

Access To Real Turquoise is Limited

In the United States, there are only five operational Turquoise Mines still in existence. The most active is the Kingman Mine in Arizona. Followed by the Emerald Valley Turquoise Mine, Crow Springs Turquoise Mine, Royston Turquoise Mine, & Turquoise Ridge Mine... all of which are in Nevada.

Although most of the mines are closed, there is still Turquoise in circulation from the other mines you see on the map. 

Some Turquoise is more rare than others. If you have any turquoise, go ahead and check the map. Maybe it is rare and comes from one of these mines that are no longer in operation. 

Why Wear Silver & Turquoise

Turquoise Tells The Holy People You Know Where You Came From

The legends say... turquoise is meant to remind us of our existence in the Blue World. The Blue World is the second in the teachings of the four worlds. It has a few different names: The Second World, The Blue World, The Spirit World, and The World With No Surface. Turquoise is said to offer protection. To identify to the Holy People, the Five-Fingered beings who know where they come from. Our Navajo Historian, Wally Brown, uses his necklace to teach about the symbolism of turquoise. 

Meet The Artist

Meet Shirley, Navajo Jewelry Artist 

Shirley has been making jewelry since she was a very young child. This puts Shirley's skill level into the expert realm.

Growing up in the heart of the Navajo Nation, Shirley learned this skill from her mother.

Shirley is of the Many Goats clan and is born for the Tangle Clan.

Shirley says her favorite part of making jewelry is the ability to support her family. Her mother began making jewelry as a means to provide for Shirley and her siblings when they were young. She was a single mother trying to balance all that was required of her.

Shirley's mother taught all of her children to make jewelry with her and they made it a family business. The kids would help pay for their school clothes and anything else they needed. Shirley has kept this means of income for her own family ever since. 

Shirley loves the art of putting odds and ends together of all her leftovers. She loves the hobby aspect of this skill. 

To find out about our turquoise testing process... CLICK HERE

Customer Reviews

Hugh C.

“...that large turquoise piece in Roy Huskies pendant Islands is the most beautiful turquoise I've ever seen. And being born and always living in S.W. Oklahoma, Native Country, I've seen plenty. I've got to take a picture of it. It just grabs me and I love to just look and admire it.”

Kelley H.

"So happy with the special Traditional Way necklace. We went to Angel Oak, a very old tree on Johns Island, SC to put it on."

Jennifer B.

“This afternoon, I had a discussion with my niece and nephew about wearing turquoise and why it’s important especially when we do not reside in the four scared mountains. I didn’t know all the other details mentioned... now I can provide more context to my niece and nephew about wearing turquoise and silver when I see them again.”

Nattalia N.

“…I am delighted to find the necklace that you are offering and to know that it is authentic and that it represents a return to traditional teachings. Thank you so much for helping me to put through my order. Blessings.”

Michael S.

"Thank you All — Thank you so much! Yesterday I received my Traditional Way necklace. It is beyond beautiful. The necklace was made by Darlene Huskie with great artistry, care, and love. Already this grouping of vital symbols has improved my life spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. May each of you live the very best of life as you improve the lives of us all through your endeavors. The Internet is a vast place to be searching for insight; I am so happy that I came upon Wally in my searches."

Mike C.

"I just wanted to let you know that my wife just got her Abalone Feather Turquoise earrings. She is delighted with them, as am I. Thank you for offering these items."

Beryl P.

“...I love turquoise. Something about it intrigues me greatly and makes me feel very peaceful. Thank you for shining Light on Mother Earth.”



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All of our products tell a story. These products are made to encourage people to share more about themselves. We give a starting place, or we add to what is already there. Encouraging people to pass on their knowledge the traditional way. With heart, meaning, and symbolism. 

Why Our Diné Wear Silver and Turquoise

Turquoise tells the Holy People
You Know Where You Came From