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A Peace Treaty With The United States

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Treaty day June 1st 1868. Our Navajo people gathered the delegation that would sign and represent all our Diné. 12 people put their mark and entered into a peace treaty with the United States of America.

A treaty that would guarantee our people would fight no more. But instead live peacefully with the whites.

Our Navajo people would allow them to construct railroads and pass through the land untouched. In exchange for this our people could return to their land. Their home. At least a portion of it. Some land was taken… Taken because it had silver and gold.

Our people also returned home knowing they would be able to hunt any unoccupied land. Their children would get education opportunities and learn from the whites. They would also be given livestock and healthcare.

The terms were discussed… Three different languages were used to come up with the final treaty. Navajo Spanish and English.

Today the treaty is an important document. It shows the world our people were not conquered instead they entered into an agreement with the mother nation. Maybe hoping to be equals... one day.

In this video Wally shares about the treaty. What the old ones used to say about it. How have our people lived up to it and how has the United States lived up to it.

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