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Diné (Navajo) Teaching on Greed

Long before a monetary system was introduced to our Diné, there was barter and trade.

Families would work together for the family. Each giving their talent to help the family. Even the children would have a portion of the family goods when barter and trade happened.

In this week's video Navajo Historian, Wally Brown, teaches about greed. A word that many probably think our people didn't have a name for.

Well these words were to remind people that their allegiance was to their family and the others around them.

The words encouraged our Diné to not want more than and not be only about self.

Before we paint a utopian picture it is important to note… these teachings wouldn’t have been necessary if greed wasn’t an issue.

These teachings are still a good reminder today. To take care of family and those around you. For no other reason than Ke’.