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The Eclipse and What It Means For Navajos

Wally talks about the eclipse that happened on September 21, 2017 and what it meant for Navajos. The Navajo word for it means "the death of the sun". He explains that it is a time of cleansing because as the moon passes between the sun and the earth it casts a shadow. 

And people can be in that shadow and as the sun comes back out, it is a new birth. It is recognized as a time to make resolutions. You sit quietly and don't eat, drink, or sleep... you just sit quietly and think about the things you want to accomplish in the coming days and weeks and years. You can also sing and pray.

An Eclipse Is A New Beginning.

Wally also talks about the misconceptions that Navajos shouldn't look at the eclipse. He explains that the words used to talk about the sun and moon and stars are very reverent and sacred. And a big event like an eclipse should also be held in great reverence. But it just means you need to take this event seriously and hold it sacred.