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The God of The Navajo

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There is a common misconception about the Navajo people... And that is that we worship animals or nature. This is not true.

There are also many questions about the Holy People. In this video, Wally shares about the Holy People. Starting with the Supreme being.

The one who carries the sun across the sky. The Father. He is always watching. The Supreme being gives his instructions to the Speaker of Peace. Who then gives instruction to “The Ones Who Speak Peace in The Home”.

There are others. Namely two women. White Shell Woman and Changing Woman. Many think these are the same people. But the stories say different. The two are together in the stories and refer to one another as sisters or cousins.

They are the Mothers of the two boys who are often called “The Hero Twins”. It is important to know they are actually cousins.

Enjoy the video.

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