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What is a Warrior?

In this weeks blog post Wally dives into the subject of warriors. Interestingly enough Women (traditionally) were given warrior names. Today not so much. The Diné are a warrior society. Sometimes there is some confusion on the subject.

I have heard "Warrior" described in many different ways. I once heard someone say "Warrior is someone who doesn't get sick, when everyone else is sick" I have also heard people say "A warrior is someone who can get through a snowstorm when no one else can".  

After hearing all these different ideas on what it means to be a warrior i finally asked Wally. In the video you will hear what it means to be a warrior. 

Ultimately I think it is to be someone that not everyone else is willing to be. What I mean by that is... I think anyone CAN be a warrior. But I don't think many WILL be a warrior. All because of the simple fact that it takes effort, time and discipline. 

These concepts are easy to talk about abut and even easy to commit to, until we see something else that we want. Something else that will satisfy our immediate gratification. Then effort, time and discipline go out the window. 

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