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An Ancient Anasazi Word

If the Anasazi were still around... what would the call our Diné?

The answer is actually quite interesting.

See, most people think that “Navajo” is a Spanish word that was given to our Diné when we first encountered the Spaniards.

The truth of the matter and traditional teachings of our people is… The Spaniards wanted to know the name of the people who were raiding them and, taking their possessions.

When they asked the other tribes in the area they were told “They are ‘Na-bay-ho”.

The Word “Na-bay-ho” is the name the long extinct Anasazi gave to our Diné.

In their ancient language they started calling our people this when they learned the teachings given to children.

And that is, “You are a field... From you will come many generations of Diné”.

The Word “Na-Bay-Ho” is Anasazi for “Field People”.

Of course this is contrary to the mainstream anthropologists narrative because they say our Diné were not around during the time of the Anasazi. 

Enjoy the video. 

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