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How The “Evil One” Became Evil (Black Yeii)

In this insightful video, Navajo historian Wally Brown shares with us the traditional Navajo teachings on the origin of the black yeii, also known as the Evil One. According to Navajo tradition, the black yeii was originally one of the holy people, but he became corrupted and turned evil because he did not want humanity, also known as the five-fingered beings, to have the power of free will.

Through Wally's lesson, we learn about the Navajo understanding of the creation story and the role of the holy people in shaping the world. We also gain a deeper understanding of how the black yeii came to be and the significance of his actions in Navajo history.

As we delve deeper into Navajo teachings, we discover the importance of free will and its impact on our lives. We learn about the power of choice and the responsibility that comes with it, a message that resonates with people from all cultures and walks of life.

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