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Navajo Teachings: Fake History vs. Real History

Real Navajo History vs. Fake History.

It is important to know your history… the real history. It has to be correct.

Today there is information given to our people that is not accurate.

Some major differences in what mainstream anthropologists teach vs what the elders teach.

In this video, Wally teaches about the two history’s.

One history says our people came from the north and were nomadic. They didn’t know anything, they only took from others.

The other history tells of a people that came from the east. A people always looking for a better way. A people that came from the place with no surface to the surface of mother earth.

Are all five-fingered beings Diné? What do our people say? There is a rich history.

The younger people and the world need to know the real history of our Diné.

These stories are disappearing.

They are already disappearing with the elders that go to the next place.

Time is running out to learn the correct history and not the narrative of the mainstream anthropologists and western trained historians.

History is identity. We have a responsibility to know it. And share it.

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