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Traditional Navajo Teaching... Evil Does Exist. Don't be Fooled.

In this week's video Wally teaches about the fact that evil does exist. 

The topic is heavy. Especially for Traditional Diné. Sometimes people reach out to us and that is all they want to know about. They treat it in a cavalier way. 

Maybe they don’t know what they are asking. That is a real possibility. Sometimes they respond “Oh it’s okay, I don’t believe in evil”. Like good… It doesn't matter if you believe in it. 

In the traditional Navajo way evil (Áńt'įį, Íínízii) is something you don’t talk about because it gives it power when you do. 

Of course there are things you would need to know and there are settings where the old ones would teach about such things. 

All together, evil and evil things were not talked about in a light manner. The weight of the situation is taken very seriously. 

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