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Why Didn’t The Navajo Hero Twins Kill Poverty?

You’ll see in the video, Navajo Historian, Wally Brown refers to the “Hero Twins” as the “Two Boys”.

He does this because the two boys are not actually twins. In the stories they have different mothers.

But, to help understand we have included “Hero Twins” when he says “Two Boys” so everyone knows who we are talking about.

Now, back to the question. Why didn’t the Two Boys kill the Poverty Monster(s)? Or in the Language of our Diné (Navajo Language) “Té'é'į”.

As you will find out in the video… the monsters were meant to help our Diné and that is why they were left alive.

But today things are different and the purpose these monsters were supposed to serve is not being fulfilled.

Other things are in the way. If the “Two Boys” were around today would they dispatch the poverty monster?

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